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The North West Rail Campaign is a partnership of organisations across the North West, working to improve rail in the region in order to generate economic growth and to assist Government in delivering an effective railway network.

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There have been a number of successes for the railway where the Campaign has been actively involved in lobbying. Over the years these have included the 3rd platform at Manchester Airport, the Olive Mount Chord Liverpool, and improvements to stations including Warrington Bank Quay and Warrington Central. More recently this has involved a Network Rail report into the Northern Hub, and a decision to proceed with electrification of the "Lancashire Triangle" (Manc - Liverpool - Preston).


The North West Rail Campaign was set up in 2004 to focus on the issue of rail investment in the North West Region.

Its primary function is to highlight where investment is required to sustain the railway network, make it fit for purpose, and to ensure that the railway contributes to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Born out of a desire to deliver the region's railway needs, particularly in regard to the Northern rail hub, the campaign has not only highlighted pressing need in its priorities, but has been very active in lobbying Government, the EU and the railway industry, emphasising the need for investment.

This lobbying has been done not in a negative or over-demanding way, but by arguing on a case-by-case basis, helping to provide an evidence base as well as pointing out the positives that our priority schemes would bring, not only to the railway but to the region and country as a whole.

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